Japan has turned to China a week after a violent attack by China on Indian troops along the disputed Line of Actual Control in Ladakh. Japan has started moving ahead with the intention of occupying the island on which China has been eyeing for a long time. Indeed, the Ishigaki City Council in Okinawa approved a bill that would strengthen Japan’s control over the island of Senkakus.

It is noteworthy that there is a dispute between Japan and China over the islands of the East China Sea. On one hand, Japan calls it Senkakus, on the other hand, China claims it and calls it Diaoyus. It is under Japanese occupation since 1972. The relationship between the two countries had been tainted since 2012 when Japan had nationalized some islands. China then declined high-level talks with Tokyo. There was a shortcoming in 2015 when the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abi and Chinese President Xi Jinping shook hands with each other.

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