US prepares to compete with China, voting in Senate on research and development bill
Washington: The US is strategizing to go much ahead of China and has put an important bill in the Senate regarding research and development in the Senate. After the approval of this bill, it will help to upgrade research and technology. In the US itself, the work of making computer chips will be taken forward. For this, a provision of 50 billion dollars (about three lakh sixty thousand crore rupees) has been made. This bill is more than a thousand pages.

Important link of infrastructure development of Biden administration

The American Innovation and Competition Act, which is an important link in the structural development of the Biden administration. The debate in this Senate is over and voting will be done. During the debate in Parliament, it was said that this bill is not to leave China behind, but to improve itself so that the challenges of China can be easily met. Through this bill, a new chapter in innovation and research will start in America. Through this, funds can be given to the National Science Foundation. A Directorate for Technology and Innovation will also be established.

Austin said, many of our allies, none of China

US Defense Minister John Austin said that we have many allies with us to increase our strength, but China has none. This strength separates us from China and enhances our capacity. Austin was putting his arguments before the sub-committee of Parliament on the budget for FY 2022. Member of Parliament Scott Franklin also introduced a bill demanding that all international maneuvers be banned until China accepts the massacre of Uygar Muslims.

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