(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Demonstrations are taking place in 30 cities in the city of Minneapolis in the US state of Minnesota following the death of black George Floyd in police custody. Police and protesters clashed in several cities on Saturday night. Curfew has been imposed in 25 cities in 16 states, including Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Trump has warned protesters that we have dangerous dogs and deadly weapons.

On Saturday, protesters threw water bottles at police officers. Police released tear gas shells to disperse the protesters. Demonstrators set Chevrolet vehicles on fire near the White House. These vehicles are used by police and special service officers.

Police said that so far 1400 protesters have been arrested all over America. Eighty percent of detained protesters in Minnesota are from Minneapolis during two days of demonstrations. 51 people were detained in Minnesota from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon on charges of rioting, theft, property damage. 43 of these people were from Minneapolis. During the demonstration, 13 police personnel were injured in Philadelphia. According to police commissioner Danielle Outlaw, four police vehicles were also burnt by protesters. During this, the police detained 14 people.

Trump said- I was watching

Hundreds of people staged a protest outside the White House on Friday, following which it was called off. On Saturday, protesters gathered outside the White House. This was followed by a clash with security officials. Trump has praised American Secret Service officials guarding the White House.

Trump said, “Very cool, I was in and watching every incident.” I was feeling very safe. A large crowd organized professionally, but no one came close to breaking the fence. If they had come, they would have been welcomed by dangerous dogs and deadly weapons. Along with this, Trump has accused Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bauzer of not providing police to help the US Secret Service.

Demonstrations taking place in these states

California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin.

Biden said – we are in pain

Presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party also expressed grief over the death of George Floyd. He said that we as a country are in pain.

Floyd was arrested on 26 May

On May 26, Floyd was arrested by police in Minneapolis on charges of fraud. Earlier, a police officer caught Floyd on the road and held his neck with his knee for about eight minutes. Floyd had handcuffs in his hands. Its video also went viral. In this, 40-year-old George constantly kept pleading with the police officer to remove his knee. He said, ‘Your knee is on my neck. I can’t breatheā€¦. “Gradually, his movements stop. After this, the officer says, “Get up and sit in the car” even then there is no response. During this time there is a lot of crowds around. He is rushed to the hospital, where he dies.

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