(Sandhya Jha Intern Journalist)
Beijing: China on Thursday supported the World Health Organization, saying the organization is trying to find out where the epidemic originated. Along with this, China has accused US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for lying one after the other about China. The virus has killed 255,000 of the world’s population, of which 70,000 thousand deaths have been reported in the US.

Mike Pompeo and the US President have been accusing China of not having transparency in the matter from the beginning. Simultaneously Pompeo also said that China had stopped the samples of viruses that were needed for global vaccine research. Most experts believe that the virus originated from markets selling wildlife and then the virus entered humans from animals. On the other hand, Pompeo and Trump say they have evidence that the virus is from the lab However, he has not given detailed information about it.

Pompeo also accused the WHO of reacting slowly to the disease and said it should be investigated in China. Speaking to reporters today, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said that the country supports the efforts of the WHO that it is investigating the origin of the epidemic. Along with this, he has also attacked Pompeo, the US Secretary of State. He said that if the scientists have not yet come to any conclusion, why is Pompeo making a hasty conclusion that the virus originated from Wuhan’s lab. Where is the evidence? Show the evidence. If they cannot provide any evidence Maybe we will be busy preparing the evidence right now.

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