(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed concern over the violence that erupted after the death of a black American citizen in the United States. In a press briefing on Tuesday, the media asked him about President Donald Trump’s plan to unload the army to stop the violence. After this they were silenced for 22 seconds. After a brief silence, he said that whatever is happening in America, we are watching with great fear and nervousness.

He said that it is time to bring everyone together and listen so that we can understand the injustice done to blacks despite years and decades of development.

Need to fight apartheid: Justin Trudeau

Trudeau said the need to fight apartheid in Canada as well. They have raised this issue many times before. After the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, US last week, many times he has talked about ending apartheid in his country. When asked about the action taken by Trump in this matter, he said that my job as Prime Minister of Canada is to stand up for the people here.

Deputy Prime Minister Christia defended the work of journalists

Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Christia Freeland defended the work of journalists reporting the violence. He said that journalists are not enemies of anyone. They serve the people. These days journalists in America are on the target of both police and protesters. Many journalists have been injured by rubber bullets fired by the police since the violence erupted. US President Trump has also criticized the media several times. Last year, he said that the press is an enemy of the people.

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