(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Coronavirus has hit 59 million people worldwide, while more than three and a half million people have lost their lives. In such a situation, the Danish scientists have created a robot, which itself works to secure the swab for the test. The advantage of this is that the health workers taking the sample will be protected from infection. The robot is made by the University of Southern Denmark. It is the world’s first automatic robot for the corona test.

robot is made by the University of Southern Denmark
robot is made by the University of Southern Denmark

Professor Thiucius Rajeet Swayamuthu, who created it, says, “First I did my test. Surprised that the robot easily transported the swab to the place where it was to be delivered. This is a big success. ”He had been developing the robot for about a month with a team of 10 people. Health workers are now required to wear PPE kits while taking samples. They cannot be used again, so health workers are expected to wear them for at least 8-9 hours. In this case, the robot will help.

3-D printer-made robot can start from June

The patient sits in front of this robot and opens his mouth and the robot puts a swab in his mouth. Then the robot takes the sample and packs the swab into the test tube. The swab test is the most accurate, but the sample taker is also at risk of getting infected. This risk will be eliminated because of the robot. The use of this robot made of a 3-D printer can start in June.

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