The Indian government has banned 59 social media apps, including Tiktok, citing national security. Tiktok has been removed from the App Store following the government’s announcement. But if you are an old user of TiK-Tok and many of your popular videos are present on the TikTok platform, then you do not have to worry. Users have the chance to download and store their videos. Before Tiktok apps become fully interactive, download your data before it. For this, these tips have to be followed.

How to download Tiktok videos

There are two ways to download Tiktok’s old videos. One way of this is manual, in which you have to manually download each video. On the other hand, you can send a request for a direct download of TikTok’s video.

Follow these steps

Open the TikTok app by tapping your phone, and visit the profile. Once the videos are open, tap on the three-dot icon. After this, tap on Save Video. This is how you can save TikTok videos to your device. However, the watermark of Tiktok will appear on the video in this process.

Save data directly into the device from the TikTok app, after opening Tiktok, tap on the three-dot icon. After this, click on the Privacy and Safety option, then click on Personalization and data and then have to click on Download your Data. On the next screen, you have to tap on the Request Data file. After this, you will be able to download the old data within 30 days. Meaning data request process takes more time. Fine data remains available for 4 days after request processing. If the file is not downloaded during this time, the data file will be cancelled.

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