LG launched its dual-screen phone LG G8x ThinQ in the Indian market in December last year. Which is available for sale through the e-commerce website Amazon. The price of this smartphone is Rs 54,999 but the company is making it available for only Rs 99 under a very special and attractive offer. That is, users can take this phone home for a week for just Rs 99. The company has offered this offer under the name ‘Try and Buy’. Let’s know how to take advantage of this offer

LG G8x is getting special offer on ThinQ

LG G8x ThinQ was launched in India with a price of Rs 54,999. But currently, the company is making it available for only 99 rupees under the ‘try and buy’ offer. If you also want to take advantage of this offer, then you have to go to its company official website lg.com/in. According to the information given on the website, users can use this smartphone first for a week and if they like, they can buy it. Even if you do not buy, you can return it with an experience a week.

This is how you will get benefits

If you want to use LG G8x ThinQ, then tell that you have to register under the ‘Try and Buy’ offer given on the company’s website. After registering you will receive a code. Also, information about your nearest store will also be given. From where you can take this phone.

These documents will be needed

You have to tell the registration code there by going to the address of the given store. After stating the code, a form has to be filled there. Please tell that you have to take a pen card, Aadhaar card, and a credit card with you. Because at the store you have to show a pen and Aadhar card. After this, payment of Rs 99 will have to be made by credit card. As soon as this process is complete, you can take the dual-screen phone LG G8x ThinQ home for a week.
LG G8x ThinQ is getting a chance to use it on a week trial. We talked about this in the company’s customer care center and from there we got information that the company is doing this so that users can first use the phone to see if it is right for them. If you like the phone that you can buy it by paying after 7 days and if you do not like this phone, then you return it. Especially after that, you will also get 99 rupees back.

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