Priyanka Gupta(Intern Journalist)
A student’s life is no less than a roller coaster ride. We face different kinds of emotions at the same time. We go through ups and downs and taste the sweet and sour flavors of life. We go through happiness, sadness, fear, excitement, anxiety, and various other emotions of our life. At this stage our mental development also takes place. We grow from kids to elders, from carefree and careless to caring and understanding. We have to face different kinds of situations and act accordingly.

It is an important and crucial stage of our life. It makes us the person who we are going to be in adult life. It trains us for our future life. We meet different kinds of people who teach us different lessons in our life. It has different aspects. We are happy at a moment and may get anxious at another moment.

Apart from this, we have friends with whom we enjoy our student life, go through all the ups and downs together. They help us from our personality development to our mental development. We can be carefree and ourselves when we are with our friends. We have the most memorable moments with them at this stage. The moments and memories we look back at and smile when we become an adult.

It is a stage when we become carefree to responsible for our duties. We create uncountable memories to remember and unlimited bonds with our friends. Thus, it is the most beautiful stage of life to enjoy and be happy.

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