(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist) With the rise in the Covid-19 cases India crossed over 6 lakhs, the total cases are 6,48,315 as of 4th July, the total death cases are 18,655. With the rise in daily cases, life has become hardened were people losing hopes of living, losing jobs, and a decreased in our economic sector of our country.

It has become an important issue to soon find out the vaccine as people’s lives depend on it.


People started thinking of a normal life as when this situation will settle down and we can have a virus-free country people can go to work happily and students can go to school and colleges.

How can our government settle the life of our people? where a poor couldn’t able to feed his family? and a middle-class family thinking his unemployment and of what to do as his savings comes to an end? and a rich getting mentally ill due to the stress of its running down business?

How can we be safe? How can we stop the virus from affecting us? and how can we control our people from getting affected?

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