(Geetesh Ujjainwal, Intern Journalist): Life of a woman is a journey, in this journey she meets different personalities and she plays an imperative role in each personality’s life. from start till the end and in fact, during the journey she bears a lot of pain, that pain can be either physical or mental and also goes through a lot of struggle.

The struggles start from the very beginning, female foeticide, female foeticide in India is the abortion of female fetus outside the legal methods. Female infanticide, the killing of newborn female children.
If by chance she survived then she becomes the prey of the people’s stereotypical mindset that girls are only meant for household chores as a result they didn’t get enrolled in schools. Some of them have to drop out of the schools and were forced to get married as a result their freedom get deprived and also to lead marital rapes. After getting married managing the family becomes their duty and in return, they have to face domestic violence and lower status in society.
The lower status of a woman in society leads to rapes and Eve-teasing. They become again the prey of man’s ego.

She faces the pain of injustice, the pain of inequality, the pain of being deprived and the pain of being woman.

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