Rishitha Jaladi(Intern Journalist): Life can’t be described in just one or two words we seem to fall short of words to talk of the vastness and infinite variety it preserves for us. It’s a mixture of joy & sorrow, success & failure, comfort & pain, struggle & surrender. Life is never perfect and, so it’s always beautiful!

It’s all about trying and moving on. Every test in life makes us bitter or better. Every problem comes to break us or make us. Because it is the same boiling water that softens a potato and hardens an egg! It depends on how you tackle the issue. Some incidents happen in your life, those incidents break you, deform you but also mold you into the best version of you, because life is not a destination, life is a journey!

Life is an examination with no prescribed syllabus, and when you write this exam, make sure you hold the pen and write it all with your heart. For any exam in general, you learn and then attempt but only in this exam called life, you attempt and then learn from your experiences. your life is your only asset that nobody else can share.

Whatever may happen in this travel of life, Whether it’s good or bad, Don’t ever forget the most beautiful five-letter word Smile. Only that can take you from confusion to conclusion, disparity to destiny, and turn every obstacle into an opportunity

Life: Live it, don't spend it.
Life: Live it, don’t spend it.

And as said, the tides do not command the ship, the sailor does! Your life is your responsibility: take charge of it! Life may be a journey with numerous options, a world to get, dreams to chase, goals to succeed in, and people to satisfy. There will be times you may not know What you want, whom you want, or where you want to go. In these moments always remember, the best choice is to listen to your heart and follow it! Never give up, and do what you love because life is a gift with no guarantee. Hence, make the most out of it, and live your life to the fullest.

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