(Juhi Aishwary, Intern journalist):  A fire has occurred in the basement of the 200-year-old St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington DC, USA. Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services reported that a lot of trouble was encountered in extinguishing the fire. Coronavirus infection, demonstrations in several states after the death of a black person, and now church fires are not taking the name of America’s troubles.

After the death of George Floyd, it is being told that the ongoing protest against the police has become quite violent in 40 cities of America, after which curfew has been imposed. On Sunday night, protesters opened fire at several places around the White House. Meanwhile, the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White House was also allegedly set ablaze by protesters. However, it has not yet been officially confirmed. 

Significantly, St. John’s Episcopal Church is very famous worldwide and remains a center of attraction for people visiting Washington DC. In fact, a large crowd of protesters started gathering near the White House on Friday. A protestor set the dustbin on fire and also lashed out at the police. After this, the situation became so bad that the secret service agents deployed in security took President Donald Trump to the protective bunker in the White House, the Secret Service, and the United States Park Police are having a lot of effort in repelling the protesters.

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