Early identification of a corona-infected person is the most effective way to prevent corona from spreading. Now, COVID has to wait 8-10 days to get a report on his test, by then the corona is suspected and has spread the disease to many people. To eliminate the corona, preventing it from spreading is most important.

Scientists have designed an experimental kit to identify COVID-19, which will detect coronavirus infection in 10 minutes. This achievement is expected to accelerate the investigation of Covid-19 worldwide, this test kit contains nanoparticles of ordinary gold, which change color due to the presence of the virus.
Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) state that this investigation does not require any advanced laboratory technology, as typically multiple copies of its genetics have to be made to analyze the virus.

Dipanjan Pan, the lead author of UMSOM, said that this investigation, based on the preliminary investigation, is confident that the RNA elements of the virus will be able to be detected from the very first day of infection. However, Pan said that further investigation was still needed to test the credibility of this investigation.

The study underlined that in this experimental test RNA is obtained by taking samples of the patient’s nose and saliva in a process of ten minutes.
The scientists said that during the investigation, special particles are used to detect proteins present in order of the genetics of coronavirus.

The study stated that gold nanoparticles react when biosensors bind to the genetic sequence and the fluids change from violet to blue.

Pan said the accuracy of any Covid-19 probe is based on reliable detection of the virus. These means do not give false information when the virus is present.
He said that at present there are many test kits available, but they are able to confirm the virus only after several days of infection. Researchers said RNA-based probes are very authentic in detecting infections with viruses. Researchers said that Covid-19, which takes place in the laboratory, will be less expensive than standard testing. Laboratory equipment and trained individuals are not required in this investigation. Scientists said that this test can be used on the premises of nursing homes, colleges, and the workplace.

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