Rishika Iyer (Intern Journalist) Bihar: A gun manufacturing factory which had been set up in the Bihar – West Bengal border was raided by authorities of both the states in a joint venture set up by the police department of Bihar and the Special Task Force of Kolkata. The incident occurred in the Vaishali district of Bihar where a father Saheb Raza and son Mohammed Shafi Ahmed Dyad built a 10 feet high boundary wall around the manufacturing plant, which was also their home in order to avoid unnecessary suspicion from the people living around. 

The police found a huge stockpile of country-made arms or ‘desi katta’ and a huge number of firearms along with their tools and equipment to construct guns. Along with this, the cops also found a number of unfinished – in the making pistols and other weapons. They seized around 48 pistols, 43 unfinished pistols, 157 pistol bodies, 22 rods, and plenty of live cartridges. 

The policemen cleverly first blocked all the exit points of the village wearing plain clothes to avoid alerting the criminals. They then hovered around the suspected house and then raided the house for over two hours in which they discovered the weapons and a number of lathe machines. 

Apart from the father-son duo, the cops arrested around 7 people including two other sons of Saheb Raza from various neighboring districts including Munger, which happens to be the center for illegal arms business. Md Laddan, Md Afroz, Md Parvez, and Md Laddan were also arrested who were apparently in the illegal weapons business for many years. 

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