Rishika Iyer (Intern Journalist): A 32 year old man, John was stabbed to death by his own brother Johnson during a feud that occurred under the influence of heavy intoxicants. The incident took place in Chennai where the unmarried siblings lived with their mother. They also have two brothers and a sister living abroad. Johnson stabbed his brother with a knife in his abdomen and ran away immediately. 

When rushed to the nearest government hospital, the mother of the victim informed the police that he injured himself after falling on a lever. However, the police got suspicious after the brother was found missing. Upon questioning the mother again, she confessed about the fight between the brothers. In spite of the doctors trying their best to save the life of the victim; he was given about 15 stitches, John passed away in his sleep on a Sunday night. 

The police have sent the body for a post mortem report to find out more about the incident and a case has been filed against the brother who fled away and is missing currently. 

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