(Juhi Aishwary, Intern Journalist): Protests against the death of black man George Floyd in US police custody have been seen in many other countries around the world. Protests were reported in New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands on Monday following protests in London and Berlin on Sunday, according to the news agency, In response to the violent protests in the US, curfew was imposed in 40 cities of America including Washington on Sunday. 5,000 National Guard members have become active and another 2000 may be deployed if needed.

Protesters have started looting in the US amid violent protests against the death of black man George Floyd in police custody. The protesters entered a branch of Capital Bank. Not only this, but empty jewelry boxes were also found scattered on the pavement outside Mervis dress Store.

New York Governor Andrew Kyomo has asked protesters to avoid violent protests while demonstrating against the killing of a black man. He said this gave President Donald Trump the opportunity to tweet about the robbery rather than the assassination. Condemning the violence in a series of tweets on Sunday, Trump called the protesters anarchist and accused them of looting shops and damaging businesses.

Violent demonstrations outside the White House

Violent demonstrations also took place outside the White House, after which police were forced to fire tear gas shells. Performances in the US range from New York to Tulsa and Los Angeles. Curfew has been imposed in Washington amid growing tension between protesters and police outside the White House over the death of George Floyd. 

200 year old church fire

There is a fire in the basement of the 200-year-old St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington. Protests over the death of George Floyd have taken a violent form in Washington and other US cities, and fire incidents have occurred in many places during this period.

Biden visits the site of protest

President Donald Trump appeared on Twitter on Sunday with a message of ‘law and order’ and strict action by police against protesters around the country, while Joe Biden quietly staged protests in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. I visited the venue and talked to some protesters. He is the former Vice President of the United States and a possible presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. Presidential elections are to be held in the US in November this year.

More than 100 people arrested in Houston city

More than 100 people were arrested in the city of Houston during protests on the second day of the death of black man George Floyd in police custody. Houston police tweeted on Sunday morning that more than 100 people were arrested for various crimes. 

Trumps taken to underground bunker

US President Donald Trump was taken to the White House underground bunker after protesters gathered outside the White House on Friday night in Washington. Trump was there for less than an hour before coming upstairs. Hundreds of people turned to the White House on Friday. Officers from the Secret Service and the United States Park Police prevented him from moving forward.

What is the matter?

Significantly, this demonstration is taking place in the police custody of the death of a black man named George Floyd. The video surfaced of a white police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck. In this video, it appears that the police officer holds the neck of the person for about eight minutes with his knee. During this time, the black person is seen saying that the breath has stopped. There is a lot of anger among people about this.

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