(Pooja Pal; Journalist): With the implementation of the National Security Act of China in Hong Kong, the process of the vigorous vigil on the supporters of democracy has started. The pro-China Carry Lam government has begun to vigorously implement the National Security Act to end dissent. The Lam government is eyeing public libraries after the new law banned the annual pro-democracy march in Hong Kong. Books written by supporters of democracy have been banned. These books have been banned from public libraries. 

Books withdrawn from libraries in the name of review

The Hong Kong government is reviewing several books written by supporters of democracy. Along with this, the government is also eyeing the books which support Hong Kong independence. The Hong Kong Standard reported that several books written by Joshua Wong Chi-Fung, Wan Chin, and Civic Party MP Tanya Chan in the public library website have been removed from libraries under Lam government review. Now, these books will not be accessible to the general public. 

City censorship regime implemented

Joshua Wong tweeted that within a week of the imposition of the National Security Act, Hong Kong’s public libraries have begun keeping books under review. He said that the National Security Act is not just a punitive measure, but it also implements a censorship regime on the international financial city. He said that my books were published many years before the extradition movement, but now these books have become for worshiping democracy. The Hong Kong Standard reported that while other Chinese books were still available in libraries, ‘On the Hong Kong City-State’ and ‘Hong Kong State-Survivors’ have been removed from libraries. Chan’s book has been kept under review, while his other books are still available.

Pro-democracy activists are fleeing 

Initially, it was feared that the national security law might fall on the supporters of democracy. This is why Britain invited citizens of Hong Kong to come into the country. According to media reports, many pro-democracy activists are fleeing their homeland. Nathan Law, a former jurist, and pro-democracy activist announced on his Facebook on Thursday that he had left Hong Kong to enforce national security laws in the city from China. 

Zheng Yanxiong appointed as head of the agency

The Chinese government has appointed Zheng Yanxiong as the head of a powerful new agency being set up in Hong Kong to oversee the implementation of the controversial national security law. Explain that despite worldwide protests, the Chinese Parliament on Tuesday passed a controversial law for Hong Kong.

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