(Juhi Aishwary, Journalist): If you use online banking services through smart phone then you need to be cautious before opening any unknown link. It can be phishing software, through which hackers can steal the confidential data of your phone as well as blow money from bank account. CBI has warned states, union territories, and central agencies on the basis of Interpol’s information about one such fishing software, Sarberus.

Officials said on Tuesday that cybercriminals are sending links to phishing software to smartphone users in the name of Covid-19. Sarberus is also one of them. People are being requested to download this link. This causes a phishing attack on the smartphone and the hackers steal the data associated with the financial transactions. These include everything from credit card numbers to pin codes. These hackers can then scan your bank account and affect other financial transactions as well.

Phone is being hacked through the NFC feature also

Let us know that there is always a risk of hackers on smartphone users. Hackers come up with different ways by which they can hack the personal information of smartphone users. The biggest concern in this is that hackers are succeeding in them too. There have been reports of users’ personal information being hacked for quite some time. At the same time, now the NFC feature of the phone is helping hackers hack the phone. If seen, this feature is not used much by people, but it does not mean that users cannot be saved from malware attacks.

Through NFC, users can share files, videos, photos, and apps between two devices. This is what hackers have made their new weapons. Under this facet, hackers can install malware into your phone within minutes. Let me tell you that this feature is used more as a contactless payment service.

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