(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist) After UGC (University Grant Commission’s) decision of conducting the final year examination in spite of the rising in Covid-19 cases. Many people complained about the decision on social media with the hashtag #StudentsLivesMatters.

The UGC has advised the colleges and universities to the held examination of graduation batch through online, offline, or through a mix modes.

UGC guidelines create an impact on the schedule of examination in the country, mostly in states like Gujarat and Karnataka who were waiting for the regulator’s stand on the issue. However, it has not been cleared whether states like Odisha, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh will further look to their decision of exam cancel for higher education.

Many used social media as a platform for expressing their disappointment through jokes and memes as conducting exams will be putting our youth’s life in danger. It raises a question for our future as our future lies in the hand of our youth.

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