(Juhi Aishwary, Intern Journalist):  In India, 8,171 new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) were reported in the last 24 hours and 204 people died. The number of patients in the country has increased to 1, 98,706. Of these, the active case is 97,581, and 95,526 people have been cured. At the same time, 5,598 people have died. The Ministry of Health has given information about this. 

 An official of the Ministry of Health said that so far about 48.07 percent of patients have been cured. With this, India has reached number seven in the list of countries with the highest number of corona cases. The United States, Brazil, Russia, Britain, Spain, and Italy are now ahead of India. 

Where many deaths occurred in the last 24 hours

 Out of 204 deaths since Monday morning, 76 were killed in Maharashtra, 50 in Delhi, 25 in Gujarat, and 11 in Tamil Nadu. During this period, eight people died from Corona in West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. Apart from this, six people died in Telangana and four each in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Three people died in Bihar and Jammu and Kashmir and two in Andhra Pradesh and one each in Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, and Uttarakhand.

Maharashtra most affected

According to the Ministry of Health, Maharashtra has reported the most cases of the corona. The number of patients here is 70,013. Of these, there are 37,543 active cases, 30,108 patients have been cured and 2362 people have died. Apart from this, 23,495 cases have been reported in Tamil Nadu. There have been 20,834 cases in Delhi and 17200 cases in Gujarat.

Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have more patients recovering from active cases

According to the Health Ministry, there are 10,141 active cases in Tamil Nadu, 13170 people have been cured and 184 people have died. There are 11565 active cases in Delhi, 8746 people have been cured and 523 people have died. There are 5357 active cases in Gujarat. 10780 people have been cured and 1063 people have died.

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