(Bhagya Luxmi, Intern Journalist) Like last year, this time to make people free from the tension of devastating flood, the Water Police, Flood Relief Team PAC, and NDRF Varanasi team have made complete preparations. Although conditions like floods have not yet come, the system has been implemented. From the truncation, every point is being searched. Due to the tremendous flood in the year 2019, many areas of the city including Chhota Baghada, Salori, Rasulabad, Bailey Cachar, Rajapur, Jhansi, Arial, Baluaghat, Kakraha Ghat were affected.

  • Flood relief team PAC and NDRF team active

Similarly, villages in the coastal areas of Gangapar and Yamunapar were also hit by floods. Flood-affected areas of the city are yet to be monitored. Attention is being done at Sangam, Ramghat, Dashashwamegh Ghat as well as Phaphamau and Shringverpur Ghat. Because, there are more bites here, which increases the risk. Therefore, the soldiers of the Water Police, Flood Relief Team PAC have been deployed from here. NDRF team members Ajit, Satyendra, Saroj, Chandrabhan, Chandresh, etc were given special instructions. They have also been given special tests to deal with any emergency. PAC’s flood relief team in-charge Ramvilas Yadav said that the flood relief team PAC soldiers have been given a special test on how to safely evacuate people from the flood. This time, the flood-affected people will not have to face any trouble.

  • NDRF team mustered

NDRF team commander Jagdish Rana said that the team of NDRF has just got ready. The team is still monitoring the areas affected by the floods. Touring the Ganga-Yamuna by motorboat is being reviewed.

  • Special things

-15 Motor Boat near Jalpolice.

-22 government and 22 private divers.

-01 Platoon Flood Relief Pac Team.

-01 Company of NDRF.

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