(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Domestic flights are also closed due to the lockdown issued from March 25 in the country and now they are being resumed after two months from May 25. Many rules have been made from arriving at the airport to boarding the aircraft, which the passengers must follow.

New Delhi: There is a lockdown in the entire country due to the Coronavirus. Currently, the fourth phase of lockdown is going on, in which many concessions have been given by the government. Meanwhile, air travel has also got a green signal. But when the airport opens from May 25, the picture will have changed a lot compared to before. Passengers will have to take more precautions than before. Changes will be seen as soon as we arrive at the airport.

As soon as you arrive at the airport, you will see the change. Vehicles will also be seen standing at a certain place as soon as you land at the airport, changes have been made to follow social distancing at different places. Along with this, complete arrangements have also been made for sanitization.
Before going in, it will be tested and seen.

After this, when it will turn to go inside the airport, there will be a preliminary check of the passenger there too. Along with this, the Arogya Setu app will have to be shown, if no one is with the Arogya Setu app, then they will have to fill out a form and inform them that the corona is not infected nor lives in any area which has been declared as a Containment Zone.

During this time, there will be an arrangement to sanitize the goods that will be there.

As soon as entering inside, not only hands but shoes will also be sanitized
Arrangements have been made to sanitize the shoes as soon as they enter the airport. Along with this, the body temperature will be checked through thermal screening and when it is correct, the passenger will be allowed to enter using the sanitizer.

Now you have to take the boarding pass from the kiosk machine and put the goods in the baggage yourself.

After reaching inside, if a passenger has to take a boarding pass, then he can remove the boarding pass from the electronic boarding pass machine, but social distancing will be followed there too.

That is, the boarding card will not be available from the counter as before. When the passenger arrives at the counter after taking the boarding card in advance, if he wants to go to the baggage there, he will tag it himself and keep it on the baggage belt. During this time also no employee will touch the luggage. During this time the passenger can remove the baggage tag from the machine itself or can write and paste his name and PNR number on a plain paper.

The airport will be sanitized at regular intervals
During which the process of the arrival of passengers in the airport is going on, during that, sanitization will also continue continuously. The entire airport will be sanitized at intervals of some time.
Social distancing will be taken care of even during sitting.

During this time, the passengers who will reach the airport, if they want to have some food as soon as they enter the airport, then some counters will definitely open. At the same time, if a passenger has to wait, then there has been a special emphasis on social distancing on the seating arrangements that have been made.

The air inside the airport will be changed every 10 minutes.
In the midst of all this, there is a question in the mind of all the people who come to the airport that if the airport building is of centralized AC, then there is a risk of spreading corona infection because the air in the centralized air usually moves inside. is. Keeping this in mind, the GMR company which handles the Delhi airport has also found a way to change the air every 10 minutes. You will change the air inside the airport every 10 minutes.

The boarding pass will no longer bear security stamp
After taking the boarding pass and putting the luggage in the package, when the passengers proceed for security check, they will see a different picture there than before. Now no security personnel will be able to take your boarding pass in your hand, nor check you by hand. In such a situation, now your boarding pass will neither be stamped with a security check nor a manual check. The CISF personnel deployed in the security of the airport will now do security at the computer instead of the stamp.

Social distancing will also be used for food and drink
Not only this, when the passengers are going towards the boarding gate inside, then it will be necessary to follow social distancing continuously and wearing a mask on the mouth. During this time, the passengers who will be present at the airport also will not be able to go to any shop.

Social distancing maintenance will also have to be done in shops. If a passenger wants to come and eat at the airport, he can also book for it online and after reaching the shop, he can eat food parcel and eat it separately. Similarly, for drinking water, it will not be necessary to put hands in the tap now, water can be drunk from the water tap by pressing the lever with the foot. Bathrooms will also be sanitized and disinfected at the airport to reduce the risk of corona infection.

Sanitizer installed at the airport
After this, when the passenger will proceed to board the aircraft, it will be necessary to use sanitizer and mask along with social distancing there. Keeping this in mind, GMR, the company responsible for the airport, has installed around 400 sensor sanitizers all over the airport. So that people can sanitize their hands without touching it.

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