(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Gonda: Sensational crime has come to light in Karnalganj in the district. A mentally ill youth cut off the throat of an elderly person from the house on Wednesday night and placed it near the temple of Mother Goddess of the village. Police have arrested the accused. On Wednesday night, a mentally ill young man Uday Pratap of Chakraot village cut off the neck of elderly Baburam Kori.

After this, he took his head and placed it near the temple of Kali Maa. The villagers were shocked when they came to know about it on Thursday morning. Other senior officials including SP reached the spot. Police have arrested accused Uday Pratap. It is being told that the accused has seven brothers, including his mother. None of the seven brothers have married. Of these, four of the mothers are mentally ill. The incident is caused by other reason, the police are investigating it.

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