-Shivam Chauhan, intern journalist
The feminists have expressed their views many times in this regard. The women have been fooled and humiliated. Next time the International Sea Year will be celebrated, then the International Horse Year, then the Dog Year and so on and so on …. Men consider women as objects which have no value and which are taken very seriously in this world of men and There is no need to spend more than a ‘year’ and ‘ceremony’. And then, while we are half of the entire human race. Celebrating the International Women’s Year is very distorted and vulgar. All years should be the International Women’s Year, rather it is said to be the International Human Year.
It should be said that poor-to-poor reforms also have some utility, but they are equally dangerous. The best example of this is France’s new abortion law. This is a very minor achievement, which has been achieved only because of our struggle. M. Jarkardasten made this law, not because it is the right of women, but to express themselves modern, that is, they do not hurt the real special rights and privileges of men, but rather scratch the surfaces of those things in society Is in the form of taboo or prohibition. So in a sense, this improvement does not express any fundamental change. These things are perfectly compatible with the capitalist and patriarchal world. (The best evidence of this is in the USA and Japan, where there is freezing heat) but even then, such reforms should not be underestimated.
This has eased many women’s problems and is also the beginning, such as birth control pills. But like these pills, which harm the health of women and due to which the pressure on women to bear all the responsibility of avoiding pregnancy, the freedom of abortion can also prove to be ultimately repulsive for women. In a patriarchal social system, one can only expect an aggressive imposition of male desires on women. Men will use the freedom of abortion as an additional means in their favor to pressure women.
I find this scheme very important for women victims of domestic violence, assault, and other torture because almost every woman is struggling with the problem of domestic violence like the problem of abortion. In this case, his social class does not matter. The problem of violence is not limited to any particular category. Women are also badly beaten up by husbands who are respected judges and magistrates, as much as those who are ordinary laborers.
When men say to us, go on the path of becoming a good and decent woman, leave all the heavy and difficult things, such as strength, prestige, and career for us…. Be happy in what you are, the rhythm of the earth. I am engrossed, engrossed in my human concerns …… ‘Actually it is very dangerous. In a way, it is okay for a woman not to feel ashamed about her body, very comfortable towards pregnancy or menstruation. I think it is very good for a woman to have complete knowledge of her body.
But the woman’s body should not make itself very great and dignified. It should not be assumed that the woman’s body shows a new picture of this world. It would be a very ridiculous and ridiculous thing. This would mean becoming anti-gender. Women who believe in such mysticism are irrational. She is playing a game made by men, which allows her to keep women away from knowledge and power and exploit them with more efficiency.
The idea of eternal femininity is false because the role of nature in the creation of man is absolutely negligible. We are social animals. Also, I do not believe that women are naturally inferior to men, nor do I believe that they are superior and superior to men.

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