(Juhi Aishwary, Journalist): Madhya Pradesh has received 88 percent more rainfall than normal due to the favorable onset of monsoon. An officer of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has given. GD Mishra, an official of Meteorological Center, Bhopal, said that the monsoon reached Madhya Pradesh on 14 June and became active in the entire state in the next 10 days. The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains with thunder and lightning in the next 24 hours. 

GD Mishra gave further information that earlier, the monsoon used to reach Madhya Pradesh in the second half of June, and later it took time to spread in the state. This time, except for Gwalior and Jabalpur districts, the state received 88 percent more rainfall between June 1 and June 27. As against the normal rainfall of 99.1 mm, the state has received 186.4 mm of rainfall, which means 88 percent more rainfall. 

Bhopal received 407.1 mm rainfall in the last 27 days

According to GD Mishra, apart from the onset of monsoon, the atmospheric system also became the cause of rain. The state capital, Bhopal, received 407.1 mm rainfall as against the average rainfall of 98.5 mm (313 percent more) in the last 27 days. However, between June 1 and June 27, Gwalior received 34.3 mm rainfall, 37 percent less than the average normal rainfall of 54.5 mm.

Jabalpur received 90.5 mm of rain.

According to GD Mishra, Jabalpur received 90.5 mm of rain, which is 25 percent less than the normal 120.7 mm rainfall. According to IMD, there is a possibility of heavy rain with thunder and lightning at different places in the state in the next 24 hours. Intermittent showers are seen in different areas of the state due to the moisture present in the atmosphere. Apart from this, the department has predicted good rains in most areas of the state from June 29.

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