(Riya Singh, Intern Journalist): U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday forgave women’s suffrage movement activist Susan B Anthony, who was arrested for voting in 1872, in an attempt to win the support of women voters in upcoming elections.

Susan B Anthony was an American social reformer and a leading anti-slavery activist who was noted for her role in the women’s voting rights movement of the 19th century. She was imprisoned at the age of 52, for voting at the 1872 elections held in Rochester, in violation of laws which allowed only men to vote.

Anthony refused to pay the fine and no further action was taken against her by the authorities. In 1920 her struggles bore fruit and the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution gave women the right to vote.

Trump’s pardon came in the wake of outcry about disruptions of postal services that Democrats claim could make voters ineligible to vote if they opt for mail-in. The United States Postal Service (USPS) agreed, as a result of the petition, to delay the proposed operational changes until after the 2020 election.

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