(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): The US has said that sanctions can be imposed against India for buying billions of dollars worth of S-400 missile systems from Russia. It has been reported by a top US diplomat.

In October 2018, India signed a $ 5 billion deal to buy five S-400 missile systems from Russia. The United States had warned India on this deal. The US had said that action can be taken against India under the Katsa Act. Last year, India paid the first installment of approximately US $ 800 million to Russia for missile systems. The S-400 is Russia’s most modern long-range surface-to-air missile defense system.

Alice Wells, the top official of the US State Department for South and Central Asia, told a Washington-based think tank Wednesday that katsa is a priority in our policy. We cannot allow Russia to earn money by selling military weapons, because Russia will use it against its neighbors.

America has imposed sanctions against Russia

The United States imposed sanctions on Russia under Katsa. The law also provides for action against countries purchasing defense goods from Russia. US President Donald Trump signed ‘Katsa’ in August 2017.

Indian students come to America for studies

Alice Wells said that the Covid-19 has caused anxiety and uncertainty, but the US administration wants Indian students to come to the country to study. However, the visa process is not yet operational due to the epidemic. In an online discussion by the Atlantic Council, he told former US ambassador to India Richard Verma, “We are going to move forward with this with an open heart.” He said that students act as ambassadors between countries and The goal is to bring Indian students to America.

More than 2 lakh students from India study in various universities of America and Indians are the second-largest number of foreign students in America after China.

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