On Tuesday, one person blew up with explosives tied to his body at Turkey’s largest foreign military base in Mogadishu area of ​​Somalia, killing two people.

Somali officials said that all kinds of measures are being taken to stop such deadly attacks in Somalia, but still, such explosives have not been banned for many years. The suicide bomber detonated outside Turkey’s largest foreign military base.

According to the News Service, the way this attack has been carried out is the identity of the terrorist organization al-Shabaab. It is being guessed that the terrorist of this terrorist group has carried out this blast. According to the agency, the terrorist who had arrived there before 9 o’clock in the morning to be admitted to Camp Turks, there was a campaign to recruit soldiers at this place. Here the work of recruiting and training soldiers continues. Targeting the same place, this suicide blast here
Officials said the attacker posed as a possible recruit, but when he refused to respond to the guards’ orders, they shot him. The spokesman of the Somali government, Ismail Mukhtar Omar, said that the terrorist who killed the blast killed a young man and a spectator who had come for recruitment. A website linked to al-Shabaab reported that the group claimed responsibility for the attack. The terrorist organization has previously carried out similar attacks in Somalia against the Somali government and the interests of Turkey
This military camp was opened in the year 2017, it cost 50 crores to build it. On the other hand, the Defense Ministry of the country termed this attack of the terrorists as weak and said that none of its jawans had been harmed in the attack. This military camp is located on the banks of the Indian Ocean. Training is imparted here for the National Military Force of Somalia. Somalia’s army disbanded after the country’s civil war of 1991
In addition to Turkey, the United States has hundreds of Special Operations Forces that train the Somali Army. Gulf countries including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have also assisted various regional security forces for influence in Somalia. In the last 13 years, the Western-backed government has relied on the support of African Union forces for the battle of al-Shabaab that has carried out attacks across the country to overthrow the government and enforce a strict version of Islamic law.

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