(Deepshikha Gautam: Intern Journalist) Rihai Manch condemned the anti-democracy proceedings under the act in the name of CAA protests in the various districts in the UP, calling it retaliatory action. Manch questioned the arrest of Md. Shafiuddin, Md. Salman and Jakir, after gangster proceedings against 12 people by Hasanganj police station of Lucknow.

Rihai Manch told that the government which arrested democracy litigants as punk gangster has not been able to arrest Vikas Dubey till now. Chief general secretary of Rihai Manch, Rajeev Yadav, has said that the cases have been registered arbitrary criminal sections in the Kanpur, Mau, Aligarh, and Lucknow districts. The imposition of the Gunda act and gangster act at the time of the coronavirus gives the impression that we are living in royalty rather than a democracy where the king’s decree is everything. Police like Vikas Dubey were called goons when the body of our policemen fell. The movement is not of criminals but of democracy in which there are no goons and gangsters. On the basis of these democratic values, we paved the way for slavery to independence. The country will run with Babasaheb’s constitution and not on anyone’s wish.

Rajiv has told that information was received through the media that a total number of 11 people including gangster acts have been imposed in Kanpur, declaring Hasan alias Ishu as the criminal head. Including 22 people with Faizan Khan, Akram, Sabir Siddiqui alias Sabir Chuddiwala, Dilshad alias Shanu, Md. Akeel, Hammad, Md. Umar, Md. Wasif, Sarwar Alam, and Md. Kasim is included. While Asif Chandan alias Md. Asif, Faijan, Md. Mazhar Major, Imtiyaz, Nomani, Obada alias Ohata, Sarfaraaj, Alatamas Sabhasad, Anees, Javed alias Nate, Isahaaq, Amir honda, Khurshid Kamaal, Dilip Pandey, Aniv, Munawwar Murga, Shakir Lari, Jaid Khalid, Shaharyar, Afjaal alias Guddu, Wahab Anas have been sued under the gangster act. Asif Chandan has been described as the gang leader. This list is even bigger in Lucknow. Where the action of the Gunda act was taken, in earlier days, the Kesarbagh police took action against the gangster act on 15 people. Irfan, Md. Shoaib, Md. Sharif, Md. Amir, Md. Harun, Md. Hamid, Niyaz Ahmad, Abdul Hamid, Iqbal Ahmad, Shehenaaz, Md. Samir, Md. Faizal, Md. Samir, Kafil Ahmad, Salim alias Salimuddin has been sued by the gangster act.

Manch General Secretary has said that the trend of tolerating political opponents or those who have views outside the ruling party is a very dangerous sign for the democratic system. It is a setback to the co-existence of different languages, cultures, religious groups, unity in diversity, and constitutional values. Today when the country needs solidarity due to coronavirus, in such a situation, repressive actions weaken the country and society.

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