President Donald Trump’s relationship with top military officials is tense. Meanwhile, President Trump will address the graduating class at the US Military Academy on Saturday against the backdrop of urgent questions about the role of soldiers in a civil society. Trump will deliver a speech to 1,100 undergraduate cadets during a global pandemic. Their threat to use US troops on home soil to calm protests arising from the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has increased mutual tension.

Tensions between the White House and the military have increased after nationwide protests erupted after Floyd’s death. The case was about a black man who was stabbed by a white police officer by the neck and at the time Floyd was stating that he could not breathe.

Trump had asked the army to take the streets to stop the protesters. After which there were differences between themselves. The politics of the American military did not stop to stop the violent protests that began after George Floyd’s death. The mayor of Seattle has responded to the fragrance of the deployment of the National Guard against the protesters. The mayor said this step would be unconstitutional and illegal
He said that we have made this suggestion in the past also. After the death of Floyd, the US President’s use of the army was violent. The protesters had carried out a fierce protest at the White House, causing President Donald Trump to take refuge in the bunker for a few hours. Since then, his decision had started to be questioned. Differences emerged between the White House and the Pentagon over the matter. The US Department of Defense advisor resigned in protest. Protests against the federal government intensified after this

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