(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Demonstrations and violence have continued for 7 days following the death of black civilian George Floyd in the US by police. President Donald Trump again gave a strict warning to the protesters on Monday. He called himself the Law and Order President. Said that if the violence continues, the army will be deployed. On Monday night, police released rubber bullets and tear gas shells on the protesters. The motive was to remove protesters from the front of the White House so that Trump could go to church to be photographed.

Even before this, the President has warned the protesters. A few days ago he said that we have excellent weapons and dangerous dogs. St. John’s Church in Washington was set ablaze on Sunday night.

Appeal and warning both did not work

Protests and violence are occurring in most of the US states following George’s death at the hands of a police officer. A week has passed but most of the states have not been able to fully control the violence, arson, and looting till now. The President’s appeal and warning also did not work. On Monday evening, Trump told the media that all Americans were saddened by the barbaric incident with George. He assured that George would get justice. Also warned the protesters. Said- If incidents like violence and looting do not stop then we will deploy the army.

Police does not have the right to kill anyone

Some videos have surfaced of George’s death. Some people present at the scene made some security surveillance cameras. The special thing is that whatever methods the police tried on Floyd are in violation of departmental rules. The police officer kept strangling, not only George but others also kept on appealing to release him. However, nobody was caught in front of police brutality. What if George Floyd’s death is not murdered.

The next day after Floyd’s death, all four police officers involved in the incident have been dismissed. On 27 May, a police officer with a knee on Floyd’s neck was arrested. He has been charged with third degree murder. While hearing this matter, the court has asked him to appear in court on Monday, June 8.

Investigation against four officers

In the case filed against Chauvin, it is clearly stated that he kept George’s neck pressed with his knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Surprisingly, Chowen did not remove the knee even after Floyd’s breath stopped. He left when the medical team reached there. Three more officers were involved in the incident. Their names are Thomas Lane, Jay Alexander, and Tou Thao. An investigation is going on against them as well.

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