Have a look at his recently updated twitter’s profile pic-

Deus Ex video games

If you are following Elon musk, CEO of Tesla and tech billionaire, on twitter and may have noticed about his recently updated profile pic- DEUS EX (Deus ex Machina is a phrase in Latin meaning “a god from a machine.” It is a calque, or literal translation, in Ancient Greek, which also means “a god from a machine.”) Game pic.

Its great news for whom who love playing video games and may know about this 20 years old game that will be perhaps on the brink of evolvement – a good sign can be seen  

Deus Ex, the stealth action RPG that came out in 2000.

For a newbie, DEUS EX and its series are a critically acclaimed one. On the valve’s stream platform, the game holds a very positive overall rating. Of course, it is 20 years old game and nowadays’ video games are miles ahead of it in the graphical user interface but its franchise has grown too and has a certain fan following base that digs cyberpunk-themed games with a hero who is the embodiment of ‘Tech support’.
 The Deus Ex series consists of a total of six games, out of which the first two games – DEUS Ex (2000) and Deus Ex: invisible war (2000) had American video game company Ion Storm as the developer. The next four games – Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011), Deus Ex: The Fall (2013), Deus Ex Go, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (both in 2016)—were helmed by Canadian video game developer Ewido’s Montreal. Deus Ex has JC Denton as the protagonist can be trained in a variety of skills like computers, electronics, environmental training, medicine, lock picking, etc.

 There will be certainly a reason behind updating profile pic with Deus Ex game poster by Elon Musk on his Twitter profile i.e., interesting things yet to come. Is he playing it these days as the coronavirus lockdown is slowly becoming a test of patience for everyone around the world? Or is he simply enjoying this game as a fan of this video game showing his interest? Perhaps he will tweet about this very soon.

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