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Google Doodle games
Google Doodle games

New Delhi, Tech Desk Popular search engine Google has launched its series of popular old Doodle games from 27 April. During the Coronavirus lockdown, users will be able to remember the old days by playing this game series. In this daily game, series started as Google Doodle Play Together, today users will be able to play Peppers and ice cream games. The popular game was launched on Google Doodle in 2016 to tribute award-winning American chemist Wilbur Scoville who measured chili sharpness. Today players will be able to play this game once again.
In this interactive Google Doodle game, players will have to withstand the heat of chili by throwing ice cream on it. This Google Doodle game has been illustrated and designed by artist Olivia Hynh.

In this game ice cream has been used for a metaphor that cools the heat of the chili.

The game was first launched in 2016 on Scoville’s birthday.
To play this game one must first click on Google Doodle.
• Clicking on the doodle will redirect you to a new page. Players will redirect to another page after tapping on the play button in Google Doodle.
• On the second page you have the option to play the game Scoville Pepper and Ice Cream. There, you will be redirected to the main page of the game by clicking or tapping the play button.
• In the next page, then you will see the play icon burning, click or tap on it. After this, the game will start.
• You will see Scientist eating chili on the next page. After that, the name of the chili variety will come. The next moment after the name comes, you have to throw the ice cream shells towards the chili.
• Before throwing the ice cream, keep in mind that the red circle below has to be placed in the green patch in the middle. The closer the center of the line to the red ball, the lower the temperature of the ice cream. If the ice cream thrown on each chili fills it, then you will be able to play the next round.

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