(Juhi Aishwary, Intern Journalist):  After the devastation caused by the storm of Amphan in Odisha and West Bengal, the threat of another cyclonic storm has started looming. The Meteorological Department has forecast thunderstorms in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The Meteorological Department has said that a low-pressure area has formed over the Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep, which is moving into a cyclonic storm. It may reach the coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat next week. In view of this, the Meteorological Department has issued a red alert on June 4 in the coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

Fear of heavy rain 

National Weather Forecast Center chief Sati Devi has said that a red alert has been issued for the coastal Maharashtra, Goa and entire Gujarat for June 4. There is a possibility of heavy rains in these areas due to cyclonic storms. Red alert has been issued for coastal Maharashtra and Goa and Orange alert for Gujarat for June 3.

Powerful low pressure area 

Sunitha Devi said that the low pressure area which has formed in the Southeast and adjoining Middle East Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep region will intensify into depression in the next 24 hours. After this, it will intensify and reach the north Maharashtra and Gujarat coasts by June 3. 

The storm will take the storm 

A low-pressure area has formed over the southeast and adjacent eastern Central the Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep. During the next 24 hours, it will turn into a disturbance over the eastern-central and adjacent southeastern Arabian Sea, and in the next 24 hours, it will become a cyclonic storm.

Advice to fishermen not to go to sea

The Meteorological Department has advised fishermen of Gujarat not to go to sea till June 4. Fishermen who went to sea were also asked to return by Sunday evening. The Ahmedabad center of IMD has issued an alert for all ports in North and South Gujarat. By June 4, winds are expected to reach these areas at a speed of 90 to 100 kilometers per hour and reach a speed of 176 kilometers per hour, due to which the sea can take a dangerous form.

Heavy rain on June 3 and 4 

Director-General of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Dr. Mritunjay Mahapatra has also said that due to this storm, the coastal areas of Gujarat and Maharashtra may receive heavy rains on June 3 and 4. Dr. Mahapatra said that the weather forecast released on April 15, with normal monsoon was expected to receive 100 percent of the rain till September, but now the second forecast will be released on Monday. 

Today monsoon can knock in Kerala 

IMD Director-General Dr. Mrityunjay Mohapatra said on Sunday that the monsoon is likely to hit the coast of Kerala by June 1. The monsoon has not reached Kerala yet. A favorable situation is expected to be reached by Monday; only then clearly something can be said about the arrival of monsoon to Kerala. Earlier, the Meteorological Department had said that the monsoon will reach Kerala on June 1.

Amphon storm caused havoc

The danger of cyclonic storms has come to the fore in Maharashtra and Gujarat, while the super cyclonic storm Amphon, which originated in the Bay of Bengal just a few days ago, caused massive destruction in Bengal and Odisha. Many trees were uprooted in Kolkata and houses were also heavily damaged. The situation deteriorated so much that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself visited Bengal and Odisha to take stock of the situation.

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