(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Srinagar. The CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir Police have jointly thwarted an attack plan like Pulwama. The terrorists were trying to attack with an IED in a car. This was intercepted by the security forces and later the bomb disposal squad took the car to an empty spot and defused it. The NIA will now investigate this case. According to the information received from the police, about 10 days before Eid was plotting a terrorist attack on the day of Jung-e-Badr.

Security forces had an input of a major terrorist attack that day. Security forces were on alert, so the terrorists could not attack that day. The search operation was also on. According to IG Kashmir Vijay Kumar, the police imposed a block on getting the information. Yesterday on Wednesday night, when the militant came out with this car, he was stopped by the police.

If the terrorist did not stop the car, the police fired, but the terrorist ran away with the car. This vehicle was then stopped at another point. If the terrorist did not stop again, the police opened fire. This time the terrorist took advantage of the darkness and fled the car. The police saw the car from a distance and upon seeing the suspect, cordoned off the area and called the bomb squad.

In the morning when the bomb squad arrived, they found explosives inside the car. Explosives were placed in a blue drum. Hizbul’s terrorist was driving the registration of this white-colored Santro car was of two-wheeler and the owner is from Kathua, Jammu. The terrorist who was driving this vehicle is named Adil. He is with Hizbul Mujahideen.

It is a matter of coincidence that the terrorist who attacked the CRPF convoy in Pulwama by filling explosives in the car also had the name, Adil.In this incident on Wednesday, there was a conspiracy to carry out the blast on the lines of the attack in Pulwama in 2019. 40 CRPF personnel was killed in that attack. Jaish militant Adil Dar was driving a car full of explosives in the attack.

The commander of the Jaish in the conspiracy according to DGP Dilbag Singh, Pakistani terrorist, and Jaish commander Walid could be the hand behind the making of the IED and plant it in a Santro car. Terrorist Waleed is reported to be hiding in Kulgam. This time also the convoy of security forces was on target according to the DGP, the two-wheeler number was used on the car to trick the security forces.

The car was going towards the highway and this car was about to attack the convoy or defense installation of the terrorist security forces. There were about 50 kg explosives in the car according to the investigation, nitric salt, ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerine were used to make explosives. It was previously estimated that the car contained 20 to 25 kg of explosives, but when the car exploded, its debris flew up to 50 meters. According to experts who defused the bomb, at least 40 to 50 kg of explosives were kept in the car.

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