Two Americans arrived at the space stations. SpaceX Dragon Capsule: Billionaire Elon Musk’s company ‘SpaceX’ recently became the first private company in the world to hold two astronauts from its rockets to the International Space Station (ISS). Carried successfully. On the night of May 30, 2020, SpaceX’s mighty rocket Falcon-9 flew from Kennedy Space Center carrying the SpaceX Dragon capsule, and after a 19-hour trip, it attached the capsule to the ISS.

There is no shortage of spirits in the world who want to fulfill the dream of a trip to space. Although the expansion of space is billions and trillions of kilometers, human beings have known only a negligible part of it in their journeys so far. It is not possible for the existing space vehicles to take mankind across the moon with them and bring them back to Earth. In the plans that are still underway to realize the journey to Mars, the same speculation is being made that whenever such a journey is possible, it is hardly possible for a human to be alive in his return from Mars to Earth. Mars, is it very challenging to deliver a mission to the moon in the current conditions?

This is the reason why no humans have been sent to the moon after the 1969 Apollo-11 mission. Therefore, it is more effort that humans are taken to the lower orbit of the earth called space, and if a possible exchange of scientists and travelers who are present on ISS, then after sending new passengers there at a short interval, they spent a few months. Passengers should be brought back. So far, all this work has been done by government space agencies, such as NASA of America, but now there is a screw in it.
Spending cuts made: In fact, due to increasing expenses on space travel and research, governments have started pulling out of this work. It is often said about NASA that the US administration is cutting its budget because the chances of some such achievements from space have been lost which opens some way of earning. The mining of minerals and precious metals from space objects is often heard, but the work is so expensive and annoying that no government wants to start it and burn its hands. In the Cold War period, the work of the development of inter-continental missiles on the pretext of space research, now all the objectives have been achieved.

The aim of becoming a superpower, which America wanted to achieve through such programs, has also been achieved. Rather, most of the work of rocket launch and space research has shifted towards Asian countries like India-China, which are yet to prove their ability in these areas than US-Russia and to become self-sufficient in them. For these reasons, the Space Agency NASA launches its satellites with the European Space Agency and ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization, and the rest of the work has been handed over to private companies. Especially from space tourism to remote space exploration, she wants to avoid the use of government money. Although space tourism is an area with tremendous earning potential, the US administration has tried to give the message to private companies that they can provide the services of their scientists and experts to private agencies in such high-risk activities. , But would like to avoid the expense as much as possible.

Even though US President Donald Trump has claimed SpaceX’s new feat, his administration will end its dependence on other nations’ mercy in the task of sending American astronauts to Earth orbit, but the real purpose of the program is to earn To do. SpaceX founder Elon Musk plans to have his company in position by 2025 to allow thousands of wealthy tourists to visit the space in a single year and earn huge money in return. It can be said that in this plan, the current successful mission of NASA ‘Crew Demo-2’ will prove to be a milestone. Certainly, this achievement of SpaceX as a private company after the governmental efforts of the US, Russia, and China will be written in self-contained letters in the history of space. But keep in mind that SpaceX is not at all different from the risks of such campaigns.

Another heavy-lift rocket similar to the Falcon-9, Musk’s company is working on the ‘Starship’, sometime before its prototype exploded in Texas during launch. This element of risk is so high that since July 21, 2011, the US had not sent any manned missions to the ISS from its earth and Russian rockets were being supported for this.

Keep in mind that whether it is to send scientists to space or to any tourist, this task is very difficult. There are many dangers that astronauts have to face even after complete training. As such, they can be encountered with cosmic rays coming from deep space. During weightlessness, their blood pressure may also be heavily reversed. The biggest danger is the crash of the vehicle. Another private space agency, Vergini Galactic’s spaceship, collapsed during its test flight in October 2014, in which a pilot of the vehicle was also killed. This caused a major setback to Virgin Galactic’s campaign.

This is the reason that such companies are not able to guarantee a hundred percent security of space tourists. However, they have started to adopt some measures for the safety of the passengers. For example, the Virgin Group has asked to adopt a glide-slope system in its vehicle that can bring passengers back to safe earth in the event of a malfunction. Similarly, the Cosmokers have spoken of installing a parachute system in the rockets carrying their passengers and the return capsule, which is still in use in Soviet Russia vehicles. But the desire to touch the space is such that people do not miss out on taking all such risks along with spending crores.

When are we partners of space: By the way, when we are boarded by an aircraft, our connection with the earth breaks as soon as we fly and we all join the space which is spread over endless expanses. But broadly, the height that private companies will take passengers from their vehicles to the space called space, is in the sky about 100 kilometers above the surface of the earth. When a rocket takes a passenger-laden vehicle to this height, it will say that those passengers have touched the space. Even at this altitude, they will not go into any space orbit beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, but such space tourists will be able to experience weightlessness, what the Earth looks like from space,

They will be able to see and see such unthinkable scenes, which they have never seen before. Though being part of the infinite brand, the Earth itself is also situated in space, especially if we look at it from outside, but being present on it, becoming a tourist of space would be considered a unique achievement.

Looking at the history, it shows that the first citizen of the world to peep into this space was Yuri Gagarin of Russia who did this feat in 1961. Even after him, the same people who went to the space were selected by government space organizations for research purposes. But in the year 1996, some entrepreneurs launched a global competition aimed at making the space a great option for tourism and announced a million dollar prize for it. 26 teams took part in the competition who were challenged to build a spacecraft that could carry at least three passengers into space.

The key condition of the competition was that such a vehicle could be reused and the cost of its construction should be private and not government. The team that won the winner was Mojave Aerospace Ventures. The team had two founders – Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and Bert Rutan of Scaled Composite. This team made two arrangements for a walk to the space. He created a three-seater space-plane ‘Spaceship One’ and the rocket ‘White Knight’ that carried it into space.

The Future of Private Flight in Space: Space has once again become the new destination of human dreams. In the midst of the global havoc of Corona and the conditions of lockdown in most countries of the world, it seemed that life had come to a standstill. In such a situation, there came a news related to a trip to space and felt that the world is moving at the same pace as it is expected to. The recent case is the arrival of two American astronauts to the ISS ie International Space Station with the help of a private flight.

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