(Kajal Singh; Journalist): Maharashtra: A shocking incident of child cruelty has emerged from Amravati, Maharashtra.  Here a three-month-old baby was stained with a hot sickle. The child is said to have complained of stomach swelling.  The family contacted the doctor for his treatment. It is alleged that he advised the parents to burn the innocent with a hot sickle. After which the innocent came to the hospital after the matter came to light.

On the advice of ‘Bhumka’, the innocent was shot with hot sickle.

Even in the 21st century, some such incident happens which reminds us of our old thinking.  A surprising case came to light on 20 June in Bortha village of Chikhaldara tehsil in Melghata tribal belt of Amravati.  Here the parents fired their three-month-old innocently on the advice of ‘Bhumika’ (witchcraft woman).  It is said that there was swelling in the stomach of the innocent.  He followed the advice given by quacks to treat inflammation.

Parent became cruel on complaint of stomach swelling

According to the district information press release, on receiving the news of the incident, the Udayan health squad reached the village in Katkumbh and the child was taken to Churni Primary Center.  When there was no satisfaction with the treatment, then innocent was sent to the district hospital with his mother.  After the matter was exposed, Maharashtra’s Women and Child Development Minister Yashomati Thakur went to the hospital to know the health of the child.  He ordered the district administration to take necessary steps to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future.

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