(Kajal Singh journalist):

  • Earthquake tremors have been felt at around 11.28 am.
  • Earlier, earthquake tremors were felt at around 1:55 pm on Sunday.

New Delhi: In the midst of lockdown, mild tremors have been felt in northwest Delhi.  The magnitude of the earthquake is said to be 2.2.  Earthquake tremors have been felt at around 11.28 am.

How to be careful of earthquakes

No forecast can be made about the earthquake.  Yes, the loss can be reduced by taking care.  For this, we have to take many steps.

* If you are inside a house, office or any building, then come to the open ground as soon as possible.

* Do not stand around any building.

* Do not use the lift during the earthquake.

* Turn off all the power switches of the house.

* If the building is very high, then hide under a table, high post or bed.

Let us know that earlier on Sunday afternoon, earthquake tremors were also felt at around 1:55 pm.  At that time the intensity of the earthquake was stated to be 3.5 and the epicentre of the earthquake was told Ghaziabad.

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