Jerusalem / The Hague (Sandhya Jha Intern Journalist): Meanwhile, Israel and the Netherlands have claimed to make antibodies, which is being practiced all over the world due to the Corona virus vaccine.

covid 19 cure
covid 19 cure

According to the online edition of the Guardian newspaper, if these claims of these countries are true, then it can help in preparing the vaccine. This is also very important in this context because earlier many drugs prepared with antibodies have eliminated dangerous viruses or bacteria.

Many drugs effective in treating cancer and Ebola were also formulated with antibodies. The great success that Israel has claimed to be a vaccine for the elimination of Corona has been prepared in the laboratory of the country’s renowned Institute of Biological Research (IIBR). According to IIBR’s claim, the antibody prepared in the lab has been successful in the experiment to kill the virus. It has been claimed by Israeli Defense Minister Naphtali Bennett himself.

According to him, IIBR will start mass production with international companies by patenting it. However, he has not said whether it has been tested on animals and humans. A vaccine can also be preparedAccording to IIBR, a virus-fighting drug or vaccine can also be prepared through antibodies prepared in the laboratory. The lab works under the Israeli Prime Minister.

The institute has also developed biochemical weapons and lethal technology in the past. More than 50 eminent scientists of the world work in this institute. The Netherlands also made antibodies, on the other hand, the antibodies made by the scientists of Netherlands have been prepared by the team of researcher Berned Jan Bosch of Utrecht University. This synthetic antibody neutralized the virus present in the cell. The Netherlands also claims that this successful move may be successful in making Corona’s vaccine.

This research of Netherlands scientists has also been published in the journal Nature Communications. Accordingly, an antibody named 47D11 targeted the spike protein that exploded the protein in the cell. It has also stood the test of neutralizing the SARS virus. Four Steps to Vaccine PreparationIf we talk about the Corona vaccine, then some countries have passed the first step.

The first step is to prepare the vaccine after research. In the second phase, it is tested and in the third stage it is approved and in the fourth phase, it starts to be used on patients. These four stages are very special. Talking about the present, there are more than 150 projects of vaccine making all over the world.

More than five of these countries have reached the second stage of vaccine making. America is also among those who do so. According to the top advisor to the US government, Dr. Anthony Focky, if everything goes well, the vaccine can come in the market in 12 to 18 months.

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