Geneva (Sandhya Jha Intern Journalist): After the World Health Organization, America’s leading health expert Anthony Fauci has also said that coronavirus has evolved from nature (nature), not from a lab. He has rejected President Donald Trump’s claim that the virus originated from Wuhan’s lab.

President Trump with Health Expert Anthony Fauci
President Trump with Health Expert Anthony Fauci

Earlier on Monday, the WHO said that the US has not provided any evidence to prove that the virus was released from Wuhan’s lab. Fauci said – this virus cannot be made any other scientists around the world also say that this virus has come from animals to humans. However, it is feared that it may have originated from China’s weight market. US epidemiologist Anthony Fossey has supported the WHO statement in the National Geographic Journal.

He said, “If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats, then 6 proofs show that this virus cannot be created, it cannot be manipulated.” The staggered evolution over time suggests that the virus evolved in nature and then came into the species.”Trump said- he has proofTrump continues to accuse China. He claims that he has evidence that the virus originated from Wuhan’s lab. At the same time, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said on Sunday that there was strong evidence. However, the US Intelligence Department is still investigating whether the virus originated from the labor came from the animal. China has consistently denied that the virus originated from Wuhan’s lab.

China turns down demand for international expert’s investigation in WuhanThe The WHO said last week that it wanted China to allow its international experts to investigate. So that it can be known how this virus spread from animals to humans. On this demand, the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations on Tuesday said that China will not allow anyone to investigate until the epidemic is fully dealt with. He said – Our priority includes defeating the first pandemic.

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