(Kajal Singh intern journalist): Rajasthan, where Corona is facing a crisis. The state is also troubled by grasshopper attacks. To solve this, the Central Government has now given permission to the Department of Agriculture to spray pesticides from drones.
• The state is facing the havoc of corona with grasshopper attack
• Locusts damage more than 37 thousand hectare area
• Locust parties coming from Pakistan are causing heavy losses to the crop
• Government allows pesticide spray from drones to stop grasshopper attack
After Covid-19, the state government gave permission for the first time in 24 hours.

Jaipur: The government has now started gearing up for the attack of the locust party that emerged as a major problem for Rajasthan amidst Corona havoc. In order to stop the attack of the grasshopper team coming from Pakistan, now the Agriculture Department of Rajasthan will get pesticides to spray through the drone.

Permission has been received from the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation regarding this. This is the first time in the Covid-19 era that the government has given permission to the Department of Agriculture in this regard within 24 hours. Meanwhile, the locust party reached the capital Jaipur on Monday.

In a viral video, the locust party is seen passing through the city. It is being told that while crossing Jaipur, it has now turned to Dausa. 25 kg pasteurized spray will be done simultaneously, The drones will spray pasteurized with air surveillance. For this, a rotary-winged drone will be used, in which a payload of up to 25 forts can be done at a time. Reports of drone flights will also be submitted every week.

Most impact in Dholpur, 37 thousand hectares of the state damaged
According to the information received from the department, till now grasshopper teams coming from Pakistan have damaged 37 thousand hectares of land. If we talk about districts in Rajasthan, it has the highest effect in Dholpur, where the locusts have damaged the crop in large quantities.

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