Scientists have succeeded in sending high data through optical fibre for more than 75 kilometres without loss. This work was done through the solution crystal.

This information has been given by Professor Roberto Morandotti of the Canadian Institutes National de la Research Scientific (INRS). He explained that this would be the best data transmission system. Sending data through this will cause negligible loss. This system will operate on optical fibre.

It is noteworthy that in telecommunication networks, different types of information transfer at different frequencies. The colours used in these lines also vary. This type of network is difficult to prepare and the work is expensive. Professor Morandotti said that to reduce this difficulty, we designed a micro comb style system. It is like hair comb. The research paper for this system is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Fastest Internet Speed ​​Discovered in Australia

On the other hand, researchers in Australia have been able to achieve the fastest internet speed ever with the help of a single optical chip.
This speed is so fast that 1000 HD movies can be downloaded in less than a second. This is more than a thousand times the Internet speed you normally get. According to the study published in the science journal Nature Communications, Bill Cockoran of Australia’s Monash University and his colleagues recorded a speed of 44.2 terabytes per second with the help of a light source.

With the help of this discovery, it can help to increase the telecommunications capacity rapidly. The scientists said that this speed was achieved by applying a new device to the existing fibre optic technology. Researcher Arnon Mitchell said that it can be used in ultra-high-speed communication between data centres at an early stage.

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