Now lockdown will be limited only to the containment zone of Corona. In the new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs till June 30, the roadmap to remove the restrictions in three phases is presented. The first phase will open religious sites, hotels, restaurants, and malls from June 8. In the second phase, schools, colleges, and other educational institutions will be opened in July. In the third phase, international air travel will be opened including the metro, cinema hall, gym, swimming pool, but its date has not been decided yet.

The first phase of unlock-one will start from June 8
Describing the fifth phase lockdown as unlock-one, the Home Ministry has assured to gradually give relaxation in all activities. While the duration of Unlock-1 has been stated from June 1 to June 30, but its real start will be from June 8, when all the malls, hotels, restaurants, and other services related to it will start along with the religious sites. For this, the Ministry of Health will issue a separate SOP. But all the shops outside the mall will open from June 1. The government will open schools, colleges, coaching, and other educational institutions in the second phase. The Home Ministry has set a July time for this, but before this, the state governments have been asked to consult the educational institutions as well as parents and other parties.
Lockdown restrictions will continue across the country even in unlock-one

In the third phase of unlocking, Metro, international air services, gym, swimming pool, cinema hall, theatre, and bar will be opened. But when all this will open, it is not decided. According to the guidelines, it will be decided at the appropriate time after assessing the circumstances. But domestic airlines, labor trains, and other rail services will continue and changes in its SOP will be made from time to time. The biggest thing is that unlocked-one will continue to have lockdown restrictions across the country. The ban on religious, political, social rallies and demonstrations will continue. As before, 50 people will be allowed to gather at the wedding and 20 people at a funeral.
Who will stay with whom

As before, not from seven in the evening till seven in the morning, but from 9 o’clock to five in the night there will be curfew all over the country and during this time there will be a ban on getting out of the house. Older persons over 65 years of age, children under 10 years, and pregnant women will not have a restriction on exit, but they have been advised to stay at home. Along with this, the ban on consumption of pan, bidi, gutka, tobacco, cigarettes will continue throughout the country and the state government will take punitive action against the violators as before. Similarly, wearing masks in offices and public places will be mandatory across the country.
Permission to fully open offices

In Unlock-1, all offices have been allowed to open fully from June 1. But a distance of six feet in the office and sanitizer and thermal screening will have to be used. Along with this, the guidelines have advised employees in offices to use Arogyasetu. Social distancing can be followed as far as possible by dividing the work hours at home and work hours into separate hours. The Ministry of Home Affairs made it clear that despite the beginning of unlocking the entire country, the lockdown in the container area will be implemented more strictly. No one will be allowed to move there. Apart from this, the state governments and local administration have been advised to set up a buffer zone outside the containment area, so that the coronavirus can be prevented in the event of an outbreak.

the road so far
The first phase of lockdown was imposed for 25 days from 25 March to 14 April. During this period, the exemption was given only for the supply of essential goods and services.

The second phase of a 19-day lockdown was implemented from April 15 to May 3. In this, some additional activities in the Green Zone were conditionally permitted.

Most industrial activities in the Green Zone were conditionally relaxed in the third phase lockdown from May to 17 May. The relief was also granted in the Orange Zone.
In the fourth phase of May 18 to 31, relief was provided almost everywhere except for the Containment and Buffer Zone. Although malls, Dharamshala, hotels, etc. are still closed.

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