(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): New Delhi, There have been more than 1 lakh 38 thousand cases of coronavirus in India. It has overtaken Iran to become 10th in the world and the second most infected country in Asia. There is currently 1 lakh 35 thousand 701 cases in Iran. However, India still lags behind Iran in deaths.

India is second in Asia

Europe ranks first, North America second and Asia third among the world’s most affected continents. Similarly, if we talk about Asia, then Turkey has the highest number of cases here. Here 1 lakh 56 thousand 827 people are infected with corona. Of these, about 4340 people have died.

About 2800 more cases than Iran in India

According to new figures, India now has 2835 more cases than Iran. More than 1 lakh 35 thousand cases have been reported here in 97 days. At the same time, 1 lakh 38 thousand 536 cases were found in 117 days in India. India has the highest number of 1 lakh 1 thousand 279 cases in May. At the same time, Iran had the highest number of 49 thousand 47 cases in April.

Asia: 9.37 million infected

In Asia 9 lakh 37 thousand 210 people are infected, while 27 thousand 68 people have lost their lives. Iran has the highest number of 7,417 deaths here. The continent has the fastest growing cases in India. After May 19, the number of infections here has been above 5 thousand every day. About 7113 cases were found here on Sunday. If the pace is the same, then there will be more cases than Turkey here in four days.

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