(Kajal Singh intern journalist): The N-95 mask is an important weapon in the war against the Corona epidemic. What should a man do if he proves to be fatal? Therefore,

New Delhi: In the Sensex of truth, first we told you the reality of the claim of lung burst by applying a mask. Now another such claim is in the headlines on social media. It is claimed that by driving the car with an N-95 mask, people become unconscious and the car becomes an accident.

The claim is shocking. After all, what is the relation of unconsciousness by driving a car with a mask? We have investigated this claim.
What is being claimed?

On the basis of news of a website on social media, it is being claimed that one person fell unconscious while driving the car wearing an N-95 mask in Lincoln Park, US, and hit the tree. The claim is surprising, as the N-95 mask is an important weapon in the war against Corona. What should a man do if he proves to be fatal?

What is the truth
The team of News Channel first reached out to Dr. Girish Tyagi, President of Delhi Medical Association, to investigate the claim. Dr. Girish Tyagi said, ‘It is not common to faint by wearing a mask. Nevertheless, we should take care of some things. As the mask is not too tight. If you want to wear a mask for a long time, then change the mask in between. It is not necessary to wear a mask if you are alone at home.

But when going out of the house and wearing a mask in a crowded place, it is necessary. Along with wearing masks, social distance should also be taken care of.

In such a case, the glass of your car is closed. The outside is cold and the AC has been running hot for a long time. Or in normal condition, there is a lot of heat outside and the car is badly heated, in which someone runs the AC with a glass closed. Then the amount of oxygen inside the car decreases. If the people in the car are wearing masks, then there is a possibility of being unconscious and the accident occurred while the driver was unconscious. Apart from this, some more precautions should be taken when wearing masks.

Dr. Tyagi said, wearing masks for a long time may cause some people trouble. They are individuals who are suffering from respiratory disease. Or whose skin is already sensitive. Wearing masks can also cause some problems. Those whose skin is sensitive may have rashes on their skin. The skin may become red. It should be kept in mind that those who have dryness in their skin can wear a mask by applying the cream.

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