(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): Google has canceled the posts of more than 2000 jobs of contract and temporary workers. The number of advertisements the company received due to the Corona epidemic declined, due to which the company has decided to cut its spending. This is why Google has canceled more than 2000 contract worker jobs. Google’s Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat alleged that the company’s hiring speed is lower this year as compared to last year.   

According to the company’s claim, Google employs around 1.30 lakh contract workers globally. In such a case, the cancellation of 2000 posts from Google is a small part. According to a report, the slowdown is being considered in advertising marketing due to the epidemic. This gives Google a large amount of revenue. Google’s revenue from advertising is increasing year after year. Despite this, its growth rate is slow this year.

The cancellation of posts by contract workers from Google will inflate the problem for those whose jobs will be lost during the epidemic. These people will left be left with no other choice but to leave the post voluntarily. In such a situation, these 2000 employees of Google will not be benefitted from unemployed lewd and other facilities. Google’s investment and hiring are slow this year due to which they are not able to hire new full time and temporary workers this year. 

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