(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist) China imposed a new law on Hong Kong, aimed to wideout the opposition of the ruling communist party.  It was planned secretly and the law was passed on 30th June which pass more power to Beijing over Hong Kong city.

The law was not informed to people until it was passed, which creates a mark on the city’s civil and political freedom.

People protest aginst the new hong kong Law
People protest aginst the new Hong Kong Law

Beijing has asked Hong Kong to pass the Security law since 1977 when Hong Kong was handed to China by the former British colony.

Hong Kong was planning to pass the legislation before but remained silent. out of the fear of public opposition.

On 22nd May, Beijing took the matter in its own hand and proposed the National Security Bill to Hong Kong at the National People Congress, China’s rubber-stamp Parliament.

The National Security Law defines the people who held these four crimes are punished by the sentence of lifelong imprisonment. The crimes are-



Anyone damaging public property will be count as terrorist

Collusion with foreign forces to endanger national security

The law will allow Chinese Authorities to operate in Hong Kong, gives the power to Beijing to override the local laws with impacts onboard Swathes of Hong Kong society and foreign national overseas.

The law has given more powers which will affect the city’s political freedom.

China’s announcement of the law was opposed by some parts of Hong Kong society, but the protesters were being arrested by police with heavy prison terms.

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