(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): Amid the ongoing tension on the border, good news has come from China that it has started sharing hydrological data of the Sutlej river water with India ten days before the scheduled date. This process of data sharing goes on every year during the monsoon and it provides important information regarding floods in North India. Officials gave information about this on Friday. In fact, according to the agreement between the two countries, China shares the amount of water in the Brahmaputra and Sutlej river and its flow data from May 15 and June 1 to the end of October respectively.

Officials said China shares data from the Tsada Center regarding the Sutlej River. This river is known as Langken Zangbo in China. The Sutlej, an important tributary of the Indus, originates in Tibet and enters India from Himachal Pradesh. This year, China has started the process of data sharing from May 18-19, about 10 days ahead of schedule.

This incident happened at a time when the armies of the two countries have recently collided on the eastern and northern borders of India. Officials said that every year during the rainy season, China shares data on the amount and flow of water in the river. These figures are very important for India, because, through it, the probability of flooding in the north and northeast states is estimated. Before sharing the data, the two countries see if the system is working properly. The data sharing process for the Brahmaputra River began on 15 May.

China stopped sharing data with India in 2017 alleging that hydrological data were destroyed due to floods, later it started sharing data again from 2018.

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