(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): The Union Health Ministry on Friday said that by April 3, the number of new cases was increasing rapidly. The growth rate was 22.6%, but it started declining thereafter. Today the growth rate has come down to 5.5%. that is a relief. Ministry’s Joint Secretary Luv Aggarwal said that the growth rate has come down significantly. If the cases were to grow at the same growth rate, the condition would have been serious.

The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) said that more and more testing is being done in the country. More than one lakh tests are being done daily for the last four days. Today 1 lakh 57 thousand 16 people were tested. So far, 27 lakh 19 thousand 434 people have been investigated. The pace of deaths in the country has also decreased. If we look at the figures, on May 19, the country was witnessing deaths at the rate of 3.13%, now it has come down to 3.0%.

Lockdowns prevented a lot of deaths and infections

Empower Group Chairman VK Paul said that when the lockdown started in the country, the doubling rate of infection was 3.4 days. Meaning the number of infected was doubling every 3.4 days but today it has been 13.3 days.

The lockdown greatly helped prevent the infection from spreading. Due to this, we have been successful in preventing 14 to 29 lakh infections cases and 38 thousand to 78 thousand deaths. Paul said that despite being such a large country, the infection was confined to some places. Only 5 states account for 80% of the total cases of infection. 60% of these cases have been reduced to 5 cities. Similarly, if we estimate 90% of the cases, then they have come from 10 states of the country. 70% of these cases are from 10 cities only.

Health Ministry informed – one lakh 85 thousand beds prepared

So far, one lakh 85 thousand COVID beds have been used due to infection. 3 lakh beds are ready which have not been used yet. This is for future situations.

More than 2 lakh COVID Dedicated facilities have been mobilized in hospitals during the lockdown.

More than 56 lakh volunteers have been trained. 24 million people have attended the webinar of the Ministry of Health.

In the coming 6-8 weeks, 5 lakh PPE kits will be ready in the country every day.

4-6 scientists from 5 companies are involved in making the vaccine. Trials of many have also started.

Try to keep immunity right

The Health Ministry said that the virus is not yet eradicated. Even now we do not know many things about it, so we need to be vigilant. Everyone should follow the guidelines of the Ministry of AYUSH to keep their immunity right. If anyone has problems, contact the doctor immediately. This disease will not go away by hiding. The journey ahead will not be easy, it will be a matter of weeks or months ahead.

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